Brick Chimney Breast - Easy Fit Brick Slips

A brick chimney breast can really bring a bare wall to life by creating a beautiful feature. Our brick slips are perfect for the job!

Rock Brick Slips Used To Create A Faux Chimney Breast

Create Your Own Brick Chimney Breast

Creating a chimney breast can be a daunting task to most people as they are normally quite large and can appear expensive. Should you need a brick chimney breast in which you can actually have a real wood fire, then the costs will be more substantial than having a false chimney breast.

There is no reason why you need to use real bricks to build a chimney breast if you're not planning on having an actual fire or log burner in there. A much cheaper option is to use plasterboard to create the shape of the chimney breast and then clad it using lightweight brick slips. Not only will this be easier and quicker than constructing an actual fireplace, it will look just as you wish and also look authentic.

Of course, you could also just create a chimney breast that looks like it's made from bricks by tiling a section of the wall that contains the fireplace (tile around and above the fireplace) just like the image below. Although it's just brick effect tiles on the wall around the fireplace, we think it looks just like a brick chimney breast.

Rock Brick Slips Used To Clad The Inside Of A Fireplace

Having a brick chimney breast can add character to any room and the colour choice can change this dramatically. For example, using grey brick tiles could result in the room looking cooler and modern but using red brick tiles could add warmth and create a nice traditional look.

A log burner used within the chimney breast can be a great addition. Not only will it enhance the look of the fireplace, it will keep you warm in the colder months of the year! Generally, real bricks (or fire rated bricks) are used on the inner walls of fireplaces due to their high resistance to heat. Our brick slips are also perfect for this as they are made from concrete and concrete is known to be very heat resistant.

Below, you can see an image that has been sent in to us by a customer showing how they've used our brick tiles on the inside of their fireplace and chimney breast. The plan is to have a log burner in here for which these tiles are perfectly suitable.

Gothic Brick Slips Used Inside A Chimney Breast

If you're thinking of having you're very own brick chimney breast, make sure you check out our range of brick slips.

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