Brick Slip Cladding

Using brick slip cladding has become common place in domestic households and commercial properties alike. The look and feel of brick work is familiar and can add to the character of a space.

Our range of brick slips are constantly used (with great results!) on renovation projects, conservation projects and new builds to create external (and internal) brick facades.

Brick slip cladding isn't a new thing - it's been around for years and brick slips have been manufactured and supplied by brick companies to the construction trade.

They've helped break up the sometimes dull rendered and painted exterior surfaces as brick slips boast the authenticity of actual bricks.

As well as being able to clad in various colours, you can take it further and use a unique brick bond pattern (of which there are many to choose from).

External Brick Slip Cladding

What is brick slip cladding?

It is where brick slips are used to clad an interior or exterior wall - hence the term 'brick slip cladding'.

Traditionally, brick slips were made by literally cutting and removing the face of a normal brick. However, this method generated a lot of waste material and was an expensive task to carry out.

Nowadays, brick slips are cast / manufactured from scratch which is quicker and much cheaper to carry out.

This has led to many colours being available on the market and a vast array of sizes to fit the needs of almost any project.

What are the advantages of cladding a wall using brick slips?

Here's a quick fire list:

  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install versus building a brick wall
  • Can be used internally and externally
  • Professional authentic brick finish
  • Won't require additional foundations to install
  • Cost efficient

There won't be any need for highly skilled tradesmen when it comes to getting a professional finish using brick slips so you will save money in this area.

This has also made the demand increase for this type of finish - brick facades have never been so popular!

It also helps that our prices are super competitive within the UK market. Not only this, but many customers have also expressed how authentic our brick slips are in comparison to other suppliers.

Internal Brick Slip Cladding

Do you need a brick slip cladding system?

Other suppliers sometimes offer systems to aid the installation of their own range of brick slips.

These can vary from metal frames that almost clip the brick slips into place to plastic backing boards with channels in which to slide the slips.

To keep installation costs down, our brick slips can be fitted straight to the wall with a strong wall tile adhesive - no special materials required!

Can brick slip cladding be used externally?

Many of the brick slips available on the market can be used externally as well as internally. It's the same story for our very own brick slips!

Ours are manufactured using concrete and are weatherproof (resistant to frost and UV rays for example) making them perfect for external applications.

Because they are made using concrete, they are also heat resistant. This makes them suitable for use in fireplaces which happens to be very popular.

Is it expensive?

As we pointed out earlier in this post, it's actually very cost efficient in comparison to building an actual brick wall.

The materials are normally cheaper than buying full size bricks as there's less material needed to make them.

You also save money when it comes to installing them - anyone with just a little DIY knowledge can fit brick slips!

You won't need to spend money on specialists to 'erect' your new brick wall - just adhesive, grout and the brick slips (and a couple of handy tools) are all you need to crack on!

What's the thickness of brick slip cladding?

Anywhere between 10mm to 25mm seems to be the industry standard according to our research.

Our range is approximately 15mm. We say 'approximately' as our own brick slips are varied to create the rustic brick look. It helps to recreate the look of an old traditional brick wall.

However, if you want the finished wall to look completely flush, just pack the thinner tiles out with a little more adhesive!

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