Brick Veneers - Feature Wall Cladding

Brick veneer cladding is used to clad (generally exterior) walls and refresh and update the overall look. Some options can be expensive and sometimes it just doesn't look like the real thing... unlike our brick veneers.

Our brick veneer tiles are suitable for use as brick cladding. Every tile is unique just like a real brick and they are extremely easy to install. These brick tiles are perfect for indoor use but because they are weatherproof, you can use them outdoors too!

If you plan on using our brick veneers on an interior wall that will be subject to moisture, we recommend sealing them with a suitable clear masonry sealant. This will help prevent the tiles holding onto moisture (they are made out of concrete so are porous) and affecting the colour.

Brick Veneer Wall Tiles

These tiles are also known as brick effect feature wall tiles and brick slips. At UK Feature Walls, we call them Old Brick Feature Wall Tiles. The 'Old' refers to them looking like an aged / rustic brick - we believe this is the most authentic look and achieves the most natural looking feature walls.

You can see a few of our more natural coloured brick veneers in the images below. You can see that they all look just like real bricks and are coloured to match real bricks that you see all around the UK.

Natural Brick VeneersGothic Brick Veneers

The natural colours produce authentic looking walls. If you're after something a little more modern and eye catching, we have range of other colours that would be perfect for the job. You can see a few of our modern colours below. You can see that they all still look like real bricks but are in a less common colour which makes them even more unique - perfect for a feature wall.

Brick veneers can be fitted to wall both inside and outside very easily. As long as the surfaces are clean and the adhesive is strong, these tiles will stay on the wall for your entire lifetime (and more!). We always recommend that you get a professional to do the job, but we do have some tips on fitting our tiles here.

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