Can Brick Slips Be Used In A Fireplace?

This is a question we get asked a lot - 'can I use brick slips in my fireplace?'. If you're buying brick slips from us, the short answer is yes!

You'll run into no issues using our brick tiles in a fireplace as they're heat resistant. We'll go into more detail below.

Fireplaces Are Popular

Traditional Fireplace Lined With Brick Slips
Image Credit - Capital Fireplaces

Even in this day and age, fireplaces are the focal point in many living rooms around the UK (especially if you're luck enough to live out in the countryside!).

In households that have a fireplace, they are normally dressed appropriately for the season. For example, when Christmas comes along stockings and tinsel line the mantlepiece above the fireplace.

We love a good fireplace and we have just the products to help make yours stand out!

Use Our Brick Slips In Your Fireplace

Our Old Rock Brick Slips used to line the inside of a fireplace

An image from on of our customer who used our Old Rock Brick Slips in their fireplace

Using brick slips in a fireplace is a sure fire way to add character and warmth. If you purchase them through us, it won't cost you the earth either!

Because our tiles are so easy to fit, anyone with even a little DIY experience will be able to install them.

You can choose from a range of colours and don't feel that you have to fit them in the traditional pattern - make your fireplace unique and fit the brick slips in a stand out pattern!

Another bonus point is that they're really easy to clean too. This is ideal as fireplaces can become dirty overtime!

Can You Use The Fireplace With Brick Slips On The Inside?

Because our range of brick tiles are made out of concrete, they are highly heat resistant as standard.

This makes them perfect for use within a fireplace that is still used to heat the home (some people just have them as decoration and don't actually use them).

If you'll be fitting brick slips to the inside of a fireplace that you will be actively using, you'll need to make sure you use adhesives and grout that are fire rated (suitable for use in high heat situations). Always follow the safety guidelines!

Can A Fireplace Be Made Using Brick Slips?

A chimney breast lined with our brick tiles

Again, our Old Rock Brick Slips used to line a chimney breast / fireplace

If you don't have a fireplace in your home, your house is probably quite modern and build not so long ago.

If this is the case, you can add character to your home by building a fireplace! If it's just for show, it's as simple as building the shape and then cladding using brick slips on the outside.

This will give the impression of an actual fireplace that is part of the room!

A lot of customers have used our brick slips in fireplaces and sometimes need as little as 2 square metres - so why not give it a go?

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