Grey Brick Effect Tiles

A Modern Grey Brick Look

So you're looking to create a feature wall and you have the colour grey in mind. If it's grey brick tiles that you're looking for, our Old Grey Brick Feature Wall Tiles (also known as Grey Brick Slips) will suit your needs perfectly.

Grey Brick Slips Used In An Office Interior

Creating a natural feature wall is easy with these grey brick tiles. Because they are immitation brick tiles, they look identical to the real thing making them ideal to use in any home.

The Colour

The colour is predominantly a light grey with a small amounts of a darker grey appearing on some of the brick tiles which adds depth and character.

Even though they have some darker shades, they are generally a lighter tile. They'd be suited to modern interiors.

You Can Use Them Outside Too

Not only can these brick effect tiles be used indoors, they are weatherproof making them perfect for outdoor use too!

So if you want to make a feature in your garden, you'll face no problems with our tiles!

An Alternative

If the lighter grey colour isn't your thing, we have a darker version - Old Graphite Brick Feature Wall Tile.

Our Graphite Brick Slips Are A Darker Alternative To Our Grey Brick Slips

Our graphite brick effect tiles are a mixture of light and dark greys but dark grey is the more predominant colour. This colour has more of a modern feel to it and can be used to create a stand out feature wall. Below, you can see how this colour looks once installed.

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