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Feature walls are extremely popular within the UK and we have some of the top tiles on the market.

Brick Feature Wall Tiles

It's becoming increasingly popular for people to have a feature wall in their home or garden - especially using brick tiles. Even though we see bricks used day in, day out to build houses and other structures, using them on the inside is still pretty uncommon but that is changing.

Old Beige Brick Slips used in a bathroom

During our time as a feature wall tile supplier within the UK, we've found that our brick effect tiles are the most popular and top tiles out of all the products we offer. From natural, everyday colours to blacks and greys - we stock 9 different colours to make sure we have something for everyone.

Creating a brick feature wall at home...

With the various products on offer in this day and age (especially our brick tiles), it's very simple to put together a brick feature wall that looks just like you've stripped the wall down to reveal the existing brick work. Sure, you could just build a brick wall but this can be more expensive and often more intrusive than using tiles.

Our brick effect tiles are perfect for creating a real look brick feature wall within the comfort of your home. Here's a few reasons why:

  • They're durable - these brick tiles are manufactured using concrete making them hardy. If you drop them during installation, there is a chance that they will break (like with any tiles) but they are manufactured to withstand all the different types of weather we see here in the UK.

  • They're lightweight - although these tiles are generally heavier than ceramic tiles, they're still very light.

  • The concrete is coloured - our tiles aren't painted like some others. The actual concrete they are made from is coloured during the manufacturing process so there is no worry of the colour rubbing off when cleaning or diminishing after several years of varied weather conditions.

  • They're weatherproof - don't just create a feature wall inside, create one in the garden too! Our brick tiles are fully weatherproof so they can withstand the outdoors here in the UK. They're frostproof so Winter isn't a problem and they're made to withstand the harsh UV Rays that the Sun can throw our way during the Summer.

  • They look great - if you're looking for something that looks like a real brick, these are the tiles for you. These brick tiles look just like the face of a rustic brick - a brick that's been in situ for many years. This helps them to feel more authentic and gives each tile character helping to transform your wall into a stunning feature.

  • They're our top tiles - in terms of popularity, these tiles are our best selling products and once they're installed in your home you'll soon see why.

The style of our brick tiles...

The brick tiles we have on offer are slightly different in size to that of a normal brick used in the UK. Ours are slightly longer and slightly thinner than normal bricks and are more like European bricks. We think this gives them a unique look of their own as they're not commonly seen around here.

If you're looking for brick effect tiles that look like brand new bricks with sharp edges, these won't suit your needs. Our range is suited to those who want an authentic looking brick tile that has rustic features to it. No one brick tile is the same as the other within our range yet they are all rustic and aged creating an authentic, well used brick effect.

There are various brick tiles on the market but, in our opinion, you won't beat our top of the range brick tiles.

Are these tiles taking your fancy? Maybe you're picturing that fantastic feature wall in your living room? Continue reading below to see what we are about and how we can help...

Why choose UK Feature Walls?

We have been building our customer base since the day the company started and it continues to grow every day. Not only do we supply the top tiles when it comes to brick effect but we maintain the relationship with all of our customers should they need any help along the way.

We try our best to respond to every customer query within a few hours and no matter the question, we will always try our best to answer it or point you in the right direction if we can't.

These brick effect tiles can be easily fitted by professional tilers and builders but a lot of our customers seem to be going down the DIY route, especially if it's only a small area they are covering. We always recommend getting a professional to help fit these tiles because you are guaranteed a professional finish (do your research when choosing a tradesmen) but if you are looking to have a go yourself, we have some tips regarding installation this page.

Don't worry if you're not local to us (Birmingham, UK) - we offer standard and next day delivery services to mainland UK. If you are within a few miles of us (or are willing to travel), we are more than happy for you to collect your order or even come and view the tiles before making a purchase should you wish too.

If you have any questions or simply want some advice, don't hesitate to drop us an email or give us a quick call - we're here to help.

And finally, click here to return to the homepage and start your feature wall journey. You can find all the social share buttons below should you wish to show other people this page and feel free to leave a comment - we'll be straight back to you!

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