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House Painting Tips: 3 Creative Ways To Brighten Your Home

Painting is FUN. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is worth putting some effort into our home environment. With lockdowns and working from home becoming ever more commonplace, suddenly, many people are spending a lot more time at home – and discovering they do not always like what they see.

Does this sound like you? If 2020 has forced you to open your eyes to the peeling paintwork, crumbling ceilings, and chipped kitchen tilework, then you might be desperate for an overhaul of your house painting project.

After all, home is where we cook, sleep, eat, socialize, and work more lately. Why then would you not want to make it as fabulous as possible?

But then comes reality. You are skint. Really skint. And hiring a painter like this one in Calgary to do the job to a professional standard costs. A lot. So, you’re looking to do a remodel without the remodeler. 

Relax. This can be done. Our expert designer has compiled some tips to transform your home WITHOUT it breaking the bank.

Paint your tiles!

If you want new tiles but don’t have the money or will to do it,

don’t despair! Did you know you could paint them too? We suggest a quality tile paint and watching this how-to video for some tips! 

But if you can afford new tiles, you can completely transform a room without making any other major changes. This works particularly well in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Choosting Tile

If you are confident enough, you can lay them yourself, which will save you some money. Some of the most inspirational choices are:

  • Feature Cabrera – the Feature Cabrera design is not for everyone, but we love the Moorish design and the complexity of the pattern.
  • Feature Archer tiles – these quirky tiles are among our favorites, as they immediately bring a class to any living space, no matter how basic.

With their sleek, elongated design, these parallelogram tiles are one of the winners of 2020!

  • Feature Art – the Feature Art tile we have chosen is one of the most simple yet most striking designs of the year. 

These geometric designs come as series – you can choose one, two, or all of them as they mix and match a dream. 

All three styles lend themselves well to being painted; the only limit is your imagination!

Paint the units

There is more to residential painting than simply putting color on the walls. And this is never more true than with your kitchen or bathroom units.

Chances are your wall space is limited in your kitchen and bathroom, particularly, so you may be looking for ways to jazz it up to ring the changes.

Which is where the units come in. It is not always commonly realized that cabinets can be painted, but they can be. And it is a relatively cheap way to transform your kitchen.

And it’s not just kitchens, but also other cabinets, tables, and cupboards you have in your living area.

And you can have a blast while doing it – painting units can bring a room to life, so why not personalize it with some stencils? 

Paint the fridge!

Yes really! Perhaps you did not know that you could paint the fridge, but you really can. 

This often-overlooked transformation can change a kitchen – for the better. Who said that white goods had to be white?

Keen painters amongst you will already be aware of metallic paints designed especially for such a task, and the good news is they come in more colors than you might be expecting!

We recommend quality spray paint for the exterior of your fridge. But it might be an idea to take it out of the house before painting it pretty colors! 

For more details on painting your fridge, check out this how to guide. 

And the fridge is not the only thing that can be painted, and you can also paint your radiators throughout your house – although a specialist paint is required.

For more tips, check out our designer’s Instagram page.

Exterior House Painting Uncovered

Painting the front of your house is probably the most drastic thing you can do after knocking it down. 

And if you’re looking for a refresher, or maybe some way to distinguish yourself from the crowd, then look no further than exterior painting. Costs can vary, but if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself, you can save hundreds.

So how to go about residential painting for the uninitiated? Read on…

Painting Preparation

Give it a scrub

Before you apply even a drop of color, your house (or wall) will need to be thoroughly washed. 

You might not realize this, but the exterior of your house is dirty, and before painting it with pretty colors, you need to give it some serious elbow grease!

If you don’t believe us, then start by rubbing it down with a white cloth and seeing how black it gets. 

But washing by hand is time-consuming and back-breaking, so how can you speed it up? 

One of the best ways is to invest in a pressure washer. Just like a human, your house will need two washes – the first with soap and the second with clean water.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can achieve the same with a hosepipe, but it will be more labor-intensive.  

Pressure washing or hosing will eliminate all the big problems and unsightly barnacles that have somehow attached themselves to your house (hornets nests, leaves, etc.)

Prime It!

Do you need to prime the front of your house before a paint onslaught? Well, maybe. 

The good news is that you won’t need to prime the whole thing. However, you should find the areas that need attention the most and then treat them.

However: if you are radically changing your exterior’s color, then full-on priming might be unavoidable. You will also need to prime problem areas such as untreated woodwork, bare spots, and other brickwork glitches.

Pointer: when it comes to applying color, primed areas will always seem lighter, so be prepared to give at least two coats in this area. 

Exterior house painting

Spray it

Spraying is a good option for outdoor painting as it can cover a lot of space quickly. However, it needs some careful prepping. Think about covering up the paving, plants, and other areas in the front of the house that you don’t want to blast!

Large areas are not only good for spray paints, so are any delicate, intricate, or period features in the outdoor space, which is good news because of the costs (not to mention the fiddliness) of trying to do these jobs with a brush and paint can quickly stack up. 

Roll with it

There are times when rolling with it are best, and some of those are when you have a nice flat wall that will react well to paint being rolled over it. We advise you first check to ensure that your walls can take this treatment as not all types can be.   

We won’t lie. Exterior painting is hard work, and it might be worth the cost to hire someone to take it on for you. But it is the single-most simple transformation you can make to the front of your house without needing planning permission!