Brick Slips

Brick slips are also known as: old brick feature wall tiles, brick veneers, brick tiles

Our decorative brick slips (we also call them brick effect tiles) are perfect for creating a natural looking brick feature wall inside or outside your home. Not only will you see the brick slips we offer on this page, but we also have images sent in by customers once the brick slips have been installed.

Why Should You Use Brick Slips?

If you're looking to bring brick cladding into our home, our brick slips will make it a reality. We serve both retail and trade customers alike.

We make sure that our tiles are of the highest quality and guaranteed to impress. We also offer samples of all our brick slips so that you can 'try before you buy'!

Our brick slips are all priced competitively at £19.99 including VAT! (£16.66 excluding VAT). We also offer free delivery and discounts on large orders.

Now, you might be thinking that we offer cheap brick slips. However, we can assure you that they are premium in quality and look and feel just like a real brick. We believe the price is fair and competitive within our market.

From start to finish, we work closely with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction with our range of brick slips within the UK.

Not sure what a brick slips actually is? Don't worry, we've covered it here.

They Look And Feel Just Like Real Bricks

We also call them rustic brick slips as they are all made to look like real brick faces and have an aged and rustic look to them to add to the authenticity. These tiles will fit perfectly in almost any setting due to the natural brick wall look they produce once fitted.

If you're planning on making real look brick wall, these tiles are just what you need. Once they have been fitted, if you point them up using a traditional mortar mix the end result will look just like an old brick wall!

Old White Brick Slips Used In A Kitchen

These Brick Slips Can Be Used Outside Too

Don't just create an indoor feature wall, create one in your garden too! Our brick slips are all manufactured using concrete and are made to withstand all types of weather (frostproof, UV-rays, etc.). They'e suitable for use on internal walls and external walls.

Don't worry about the rain - the colour won't run from these tiles. They are made from coloured concrete unlike some other brick slips that are only coloured on the visible face.

You'll be the envy of all your neighbours when you install our brick slips on the exterior of your home or garden!

These brick slips are sold in packs to cover 0.5m² (half square metre) assuming that 10mm joints are used.

Old Natural Brick Slips Used Outdoors

Brick Slip Advantages

Brick slips are thin - this is an advantage over using actual bricks. Due to the slim thickness (ours range between 10mm and 15mm) of the slips, they are lightweight and space saving.

If you're planning on installing our brick slips on an interior wall, you will lose less space than you would if you were to use full size bricks. If you want to use them on the outside of your home, they can help reduce costs with extra construction work (for example, as the brick slips are thin you will maintain the normal detailing of windows and doors which means no hefty adjustment bills).

If you're aiming for a brick wall finish, our slips won't dissapoint! Once they have been fitted and pointed / grouted, they resemble an actual wall. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who can tell the difference!

Old Rock Brick Slips Used As A Kitchen Backsplash

They're Heat Resistant

We often get asked the question whether our brick slips can be used around log burners. The good news is that they can!

Because they're made from concrete, they're highly heat resistant making them suitable for use as brick wall cladding where heat will be a factor.

Brick Slips Are Super Easy To Install

Creating a brick feature wall has never been so easy. Our lightweight brick slips make easy work of it!

Slim brick slips are easy to install as they are lightweight and easy to handle. It also means they'll stay on the wall as there's no added unnecessary weight. Being slim makes them space saving too!

All you need to fit them is strong adhesive, spacers and grout to finish them off. You can read more about fitting them here.

We Have Many Colours In Stock And Offer Quick Delivery

In the UK, many different brick colours are used when building homes. We carry various colours so that you can get a close match to your existing brickwork if required.

One of our most popular colours is our old white brick slips. A lot of customers have used these in kitchens to create a distressed / industrial brick wall interior. All of our tiles can be painted over should you not find a suitable colour that we already stock (masonry paint is recommended as our brick slips are cast out of concrete).

Retail And Trade Customers Welcome

It doesn't matter whether you need a few boxes for a small feature wall or you need to fit out 20 shops - we've got you covered!

We've supplied small homes with brick slips for use as faux chimney breasts or feature walls. We've also supplied builders and architects with full scale renovations on their hands!

We truly are a tried and tested brick slips supplier with happy customers all over the country!

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