Brick Tiles

Real Look & Feel Brick Tiles

It looks like you've stumbled upon our range of brick tiles! Well, you won't be disappointed with our range.

Brick Tiles Installed In A Kitchen

These tiles are based on old bricks which gives them a traditional brick look and feel. But don't think that these can't be used in a modern setting - tons of people are creating feature walls using brick tiles all over the UK!

Many of our customers are surprised that our tiles aren't made from real bricks. That's how authentic they are! When they're installed, they look like an exposed brick wall. And even to the touch they feel like the real deal!

Quick & Easy To Install

Our tiles offer fast installation and are suitable for both domestic and commercial environments - be it a homely living room or a bustling office!

Both professional tilers and builders will install these tiles with ease. And avid DIYers should have an easy time too!

All you need to fix the tiles to your chosen wall is a nice strong wall tile adhesive. If you're using them outside or in a wet area, ensure you choose a suitable adhesive.

To finish them off, pump grout in between the gaps with a grout gun. To keep the grout looking neat, use a pointing tool like traditional brick work.

This is an optional step - use a transparent masonry sealant to protect the brick tiles.

We've written a post on how to fit brick slips right here.

Several Colours To Choose From

We currently have 9 different colours to choose from. We believe these colours all work well within the UK.

Our Grey and Graphite brick tiles are perfect for use in a contemporary style home. Looking for a more traditional finish? Maybe a Natural or Gothic brick tile will suit your interior better.

Maybe you want an industrial New York loft kind of style - our white brick tiles are perfect for this.

Every Brick Is Unique

The way our tiles are manufactured makes every single tile unique. You'll be hard pressed to find one brick tile that looks exactly like another.

Rock Brick Tiles Used In A Modern Kitchen

They may all be rectangular in shape and roughly the same dimensions, but the impressions and grooves on the surface are different - just like they would be on an aged brick.

Each colour range (give or take one or two) follow the same colour range. For instance, the Natural Brick Tiles are orange but differ by the shade of the tile.

Suitable For Both Internal & External Applications

Want to use them on the inside of your home as well as the outside? That's not a problem with our weatherproof brick tiles!

Due to the way their manufactured and the materials used, they're frost resistant, heat resistant and also resistant to UV rays!

If you are planning on installing them externally, be sure to use the correct adhesives as this will differ from what yo use when installing internally.

Heat Resistant Concrete

Because they're made from concrete, these brick tiles are highly heat resistant as standard!

That's why many of our customers have chosen our tiles to line their fireplaces and give a sense of warmth and character to their home.