Brick Veneers

Brick veneers are also known as: old brick feature wall tilesbrick slips, brick tiles

If you're looking to create a natural looking wall without having a full construction project on your hands - we have the products just for you.

Easy to install

All of our brick veneers are single tiles - they're not attached to a panel like some alternatives. But don't let this make you think that it's hard work to install them - it's actually really easy.

Old Beige Brick Veneers Used In A Contemporary Bathroom

We always recommend you use a strong wall tile adhesive to ensure that the veneers stay put on the wall (inside). If you're installing them outside, just make sure the adhesive is suitable for outdoor use (as our tiles are).

As these tiles are slightly heavier than normal ceramic tiles, please make sure the chosen wall is strong enough to support the weight of the finished feature.

9 great colours to choose from

If it's a traditional looking brick wall you're after, the more subtle colours like Beige and Gothic are best suited (Rock is also very popular).

Maybe you want to put a modern twist to the feature wall? Then Graphite and Grey are perfect (White is very popular, especially within kitchens).

Perfectly weatherproof brick veneers

Completely transform the outside of your home with our brick veneers.

Old Natural Brick Veneers Used On The Exterior Of A Property

Because they're weatherpoof, you're not just limited to creating a feature wall indoors. They're protected from all types of elements, including these:

  • Frost

  • Water

  • UV Rays

Highly durable

Not only are these tiles weatherproof, they're also durable so that they stand the test of time. They're made out of concrete so they're strong and long lasting.

Heat resistant

Brick is a hugely popular finish for chimney breasts but you can use our tiles both in and around a fireplace!

Because our brick veneers are made from concrete, they're highly heat resistant and are perfect to use behind your new log burner!