Also known as: split face tilesstone veneers

Here, you can see all of our decorative stacked stone wall tiles (often referred to as split face tiles). All of these are in striking colours and can be used to create striking feature walls in any space. We often find most customers are using them in homes, bars / nightclubs, hotel lobby areas, but they can improve whatever wall they are used on.

Colours available: Cream, White, Graphite and Grey

Use our stacked stone tiles outdoors too!

Don't restrict yourself to just creating a feature wall inside your home - these tiles are suitable for use outdoors too (weatherproof - frost, uv-rays, etc.) so you can make a beautiful feature wall in any space!

A water feature in the garden can be a great addition, especially if you use stone tiles. You will have a modern, contemporary looking water feature. Becuase the surface of the tiles are uneven, it creates a stunning stream of water which helps to enhance the overall look.

Decorative Stone Split Face Tiles Used In A Garden

Stunning 3D effect

Once installed, these stone tiles create a 3D effect wall. Although they are becoming more and more popular, it still lends itself to a unique effect and adds contrast and depth to any room in your home.

When paired with high quality lighting, the 3D effect can be enhanced during the darker hours. The uneven surface creates shadows that make the wall stand out against the other walls in the room - it can be a real showpiece.

Kitchen Splashback anyone?

A lot of people can be put off from using these kinds of tiles as a kitchen splashback as it is very likely that some kind of food will end up on them at some point. However, the stacked stone wall tiles can stand up to the job with ease providing care is taken in the cleaning process.

Should you choose to install the tiles and leave them as they are with no other form of protection, you can clean them with a non-acid based cleaner (laundry detergent) and a stiff bristled brush. Others have chosen to protect them using a non-sheen masonry sealent (makes cleaning easier and food less likely to stick) or even a thin layer of transparent acrylic to prevent anything reaching the tiles.

Showers have never looked so good

Because our stacked stone wall tiles are durable - and most of all, weatherproof - you're shower can look better than ever. Ceramic tiles have been used in showers since forever (at least that's how it feels) so why not break the mould and try these tiles? Water isn't a problem and as long as you rinse them down (like you should after using a shower anyway), they'll last you a lifetime.

Rustic, but modern

A modern look is easily achieved with a stone tile even though ours are all rustic - they look aged which adds to the authenticity of the overall finish.

This also relates to the texture of the tiles as they're made to be slightly rough to match that of stone surfaces.

How many do I need?

We sell these tiles in packs / boxes to cover 0.5m² (half square metre).

So, let's say you need 7 square metres. You'd add 14 of your chosen product to the cart. Maybe you need 2 and a half square metres - just add 5 boxes to your cart. Essentially, double the number you have for your total square metreage and you'll have the number of boxes you need to order.