Stone veneers are also known as: split face tilesdecorative stone tiles, stacked stone tiles

If it's a modern feature wall that you're looking for, a stone veneer feature wall tile is the perfect choice. Available in 4 different colours and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Stone Veneers

Easy installation

All of our stone veneers are single tiles - there is no panel behind them like some alternatives on the market. However, this doesn't make them any harder to install - these literally stack on top of one another.

If you're fitting these on interior walls, a strong adhesive will do the job just fine. If you're installing them on an exterior wall, just make sure the adhesive is suitable for outdoor use (as all of our tiles are).

It is essential that the wall you choose as your feature wall will be able to hold the weight of the veneers once they are all fitted. These tiles are made using concrete so are heavier than normal ceramic tiles.

4 great colours to choose from

Our 4 bold colours are Cream, Graphite, Grey and White. All these make up a modern looking feature wall.

We find that most customers match the colour with some of their furniture, for example; grey sofas and a grey feature wall, white accessories and a white feature wall. As long as you like it, there's nothing to worry about!

White Stone Veneers Used As A Faux Fireplace

Weatherproof stone veneers

Completely transform the outside of your home with our stone veneer tiles.

You're not limited to interior walls with these veneers - they're weatherproof so using them on exterior walls is definitely an option! They're protected from all types of elements, including these:

  • Frost

  • Water

  • UV Rays

Strong tiles

These tiles are made out of concrete making them durable and long lasting whether they're installed inside or outside.

Heat resistant

We find the a lot of customers are transforming their fireplaces and chimneys using stone effect tiles and you can see why!

Our stone veneers are made from concrete so their highly heat resistant and can be used in and around fireplaces.

Stone veneers are highly sought-after

Leading architects, designers and developers use these modern tiles on huge projects and new developments.

They can add a unique appearance the the exterior of a property and make an eye catching feature wall inside the home.