Feature Wall Tile Fixing

Fitting Feature Wall Tiles At Home

Old Beige Brick Slips Installed In A Bathroom

Here at UK Feature Walls, we always recommend that you hire a professional tiler to fit your feature wall tiles so that you are guaranteed your feature wall is fitted correctly. Not only will this ensure they the tiles stay on the wall but the end result will be professional and outstanding. However, if you're keen to give it a go yourself we recommend spending some time researching (practising if possible). We have a few tips to help when installing your first feature wall tile right here.


Clean The Area Before Fitting The Feature Wall Tile

Making sure the area in which your feature wall tiles will be installed is clean is one of the most important steps. This ensures that any residues or loose particles are removed allowing the adhesive to bond without any obstruction. The back of the tile should also be brushed off to make sure any loose particles are removed prior to fitting.

Use A Suitable Feature Wall Tile Adhesive

To make sure your wall tiles stay on the wall, you're going to want to make sure that the adhesive you use is of high quaity and strong enough to do the job. In general, a normal tile adhesive will do the job if you're installing the feature wall tiles indoors. If you plan on fitting them outdoors, we recommend that you use an adhesive that is suitable for outdoor use (most high quality tile adhesives are fit for use in both settings).

Use Tile Spacers During The Installation

The majority of our feature wall tiles are sold in boxes that contain the correct amount of feature wall tiles to cover half a square metre. To ensure that this amount of coverage is acheived, 10mm tile spacers should be used when installing the wall tiles. Not only will this help to hold the tiles in place whilst the adhesive is setting, you will achieve a natural looking feature wall with consistent gaps.

Please note: This applies more so to our brick slips | brick tiles | brick veneers. Our decorative stone tiles | stone split face tiles | stone veneers are generally fitted directly touching so that there are no gaps between any of the tiles.

Don't Hesitate To Ask For Our Expert Opinion

If there is anything you would like to know about fitting our feature wall tiles or anything in particular about the tiles themselves, let us know by filling in the contact form here or drop us an email / call us using the information at the and bottom of this page.